Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman

Why are female superheroes an inspiration to many women? In the case of Wonder Woman, could it be her lasso of truth or bracelets of submission? Well… not exactly. This beautiful demigoddess has many unnatural powers and weapons, yet it is the strong-minded lady behind the mask that we truly love and admire. That lady can be you! 

Wonder Woman’s true heroic qualities are her strict moral compass and courage. She is also vulnerable and compassionate. She embraces the masculine and feminine energies in perfect harmony. This is a powerful combination of traits and a persona that any mortal woman can achieve. You do not have to be a daughter of Zeus to be strong-willed, just and persevering. 


Coach Lima

For this reason, we must encourage each other with kindness and compassion, and go after what we want with perseverance and courage. If your goal is a career promotion, show up to each meeting primed and ready, embodying your true heroic strengths. If you want to achieve strong amazonian wonder woman legs, be your hero and train the body you love and nourish it to become stronger every day. 

Feeling in a slump? Ask yourself, what would Wonder Woman do? #WWWWD 😉 

I find that in the stillness of mind comes clarity. With this clarity, your intuition is no longer burdened by the unkind negative voices in your head. Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s alter ego, in challenging situations remains level-headed and taps into her deepest and purest inner voice. She has an unwavering sense of what she truly values in her life. 

Do you know what you value most? If you haven’t an answer to this question… It is time you do because, with a clear moral code, you know where you stand and have the weapon to defeat your enemies and rise above challenges. You can even wear your version of Wonder Woman’s bracelets just for gags! LOL Though the true hero is YOU, and will always be you. 

There you have it! Your superpower has been with you all along. So do not be afraid to unleash your inner wonder woman. You are divine in your own right and you owe it to yourself and your fellow sisters to let your star shine across the galaxy! 

Written by ©Lima Kayello


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