In 2009, our story began with a single gym and a plan to honor the legacy of our founder Joe Gold by paving the road to greatness for our members. From there on, we thrive at maintaining a motivational atmosphere spread across 12 different locations all over Quebec.

We are a fitness family committed to empowering others to rise. With our dedicated staff, effective Athletics program, and state of the art equipment, we have what you need to reach a higher potential in your career. So, apply today, and let’s grow together.

Career Benefits: 

  • Competitive salary and bonuses (when applicable)
  • Gym and Athletics memberships
  • Flexible work hours and possibility to work from home (when applicable)
  • A casual dress code
  • Corporate events
  • Group insurance
  • Opportunity to continuing your education related to your job position
  • Free parking area (in certain locations)
  • Possibility of a scholarship for certification programs
  • Opportunities for professional growth


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A fitness community carrying on a legacy of self-improvement in Quebec since 2009.

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